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The Tyger By William Blake

The Tyger By William Blake

Introducing the Poem ‘The Tyger’ ‘The Tyger’ is an eminent lyrical poem of William Blake (1757-1827) from his radical period. It was published in his poetry collection entitled ‘Songs of Experience (1794)’ that comprises some of his famous poems with poignant themes (of what happens when innocence is lost). Poem The Tyger Poet William Blake …

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William wordsworth Daffodils Poem

Daffodils by William Wordsworth

‘Daffodils’ Introduction: The lyrical poem ‘Daffodils’ is a well-known work of the leading 19th-century Romantic poet William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850). People know this poem by one more name that is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. Poem Name Daffodils Poet William Wordsworth Poem Type lyrical poem Genre Romantic literature Form (rhyme scheme) iambic tetrameter …

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poem london

Poem ‘London’ By William Blake

Introduction             It was William Blake who composed the lyrical poem ‘London’ that describes hopelessness in the faces of Londoners as well as fear and repression in their voices. It is one of the 27 poems from his ‘Songs of Experience. In terms of structure and form, ‘London’ is a short poem of just four stanzas …

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The Forsaken Merman

The Forsaken Merman

Introducing the poet and the Poem It was Matthew Arnold (1822 – 1888), who wrote the poem ‘The Forsaken Merman’. He was not only a famous poet of the Victorian era but the inspector of the government of school, renowned critic, as well as, professor of poetry at Oxford University. ‘Thyrsis’, Rugby Chapel’, ‘The Scholar …

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Reformation: History protestant reformation

Introduction The term reformation refers to the religious and political upheavals caused by the new protestant religion within the early 16th century. Reformation began within the European countries in the 16th century so as to reform the abuses within the Roman Catholic Church. In its essence, the reformation was a revolt against conventions that had lost the justification and had become fetters upon intellectual and spiritual …

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T.S Eliot

Discuss T.S Eliot chief qualities as a modern poet or Prose Poetry

 Introduction:  T.S Eliot is one of the most famous modern poets. His poetry is philosophical and full of ideas, but it is difficult and intellectual. Language is made difficult with symbols, pun, Paradox, ambiguity and fusion of images. It is also highly suggestive. further, there are allusions that only learned can understand. According to F. …

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