The Solitary Reaper Summary and Analysis

 The Solitary Reaper

About the poem The Solitary Reaper The Solitary Reaper is a popular lyric poem written by William Wordsworth who was the pioneer of English Poetry This poem was originally composed on 5th November 1805 and first published in the year 1807 In fact, William Wordsworth’s trip to Scotland in 1803 with his sister Dorothy inspired … Read more

What is an epic poem


Epic Poem Definition The word “epic’ derived from Greek ‘epikos’ (meaning a narrative poem) brings to our mind’s eye the images of something big magnificent and larger than life. Forms of Poetry Epic Poem Epic Poem meaning Narrative poem Examples Paradise Lost Joseph T. Shipley explains it as follows “An epic is a narrative poem … Read more

‘The thought Fox’ theme Critical Analysis

The thought Fox

Poem The thought Fox Poet Ted Hughes collection of “The Hawk in the Rain’. ‘The Thought Fox‘ has often been acknowledged as one of the most complete and artistic poems of Ted Hughes. This poem of Ted Hughes is in the first collection of poems entitled “The Hawk in the Rain’. In other words, we can say … Read more

“The Unknown Citizen” Summary and analysis

The Unknown Citizen

Poet W.H Auden Poem The Unknown Citizen Genres Satirical Poem Published “The Listener” 1939 Introduction of the “The unknown citizen “ The unknown citizen was first published in the magazine ‘The listener’ Later it was published in Auden’s volume ‘collected shorter poems’  in 1950. “The Unknown Citizen”  is about an average member of society. The … Read more

Poem ‘London’ By William Blake

poem london

Introduction             It was William Blake who composed the lyrical poem ‘London’ that describes hopelessness in the faces of Londoners as well as fear and repression in their voices. It is one of the 27 poems from his ‘Songs of Experience. In terms of structure and form, ‘London’ is a short poem of just four stanzas … Read more

The lake isle of Innisfree analysis

The lake Isle of Innisfree  1890 e was composed by Yeats in 1890. It appeared in his third volume of poem entitled the rose. The situation which inspired him to compose this poem was something like this. After the success of his poetic value the wandering of Oisin 1889, Yeats Decided to stay in London,  … Read more