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The Tyger By William Blake

The Tyger By William Blake

Introducing the Poem ‘The Tyger’ ‘The Tyger’ is an eminent lyrical poem of William Blake (1757-1827) from his radical period. It was published in his poetry collection entitled ‘Songs of Experience (1794)’ that comprises some of his famous poems with poignant themes (of what happens when innocence is lost). Poem The Tyger Poet William Blake …

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Poem ‘London’ By William Blake

Introduction             It was William Blake who composed the lyrical poem ‘London’ that describes hopelessness in the faces of Londoners as well as fear and repression in their voices. It is one of the 27 poems from his ‘Songs of Experience. In terms of structure and form, ‘London’ is a short poem of just four stanzas …

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