How much woodchuck could chuck wood

Woodchucks are adorable creatures that can be found across North America. But one question has puzzled people for years – how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? While the question may seem silly, it has captured the imagination of people for generations. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the question, the various attempts … Read more

What is a theme in literature


A theme is a short piece of prose on a given subject. It includes arguments, expositions, descriptions, and narratives. The theme presents a single central idea, which gives it unity. The major parts of a theme are paragraphs. These paragraphs should be closely related to each other and provide a logical coherence to the whole … Read more

To The Evening Star by William Blake

About the Poem To The Evening Star is a poem written by William Blake. This Blake’s early poem made its first appearance in his 1783 collection entitled Poetical Sketches. It is a (I) short, as well as (II) deceptively simple poetic piece of writing. Here, the speaker of To the Evening Star prays to the … Read more

Mock Heroic Epic

Milton’s Paradise Lost is a great classical epic. Pope developed a heroic mock-epic in the eighteenth century. Pope follows the tradition of a classical epic with a slight difference that he produces The Rape of the Lock as a mock-heroic epic. In the ordinary sense, it may be taken to be a parody or imitation … Read more

What is the meter in a poem?

 In the Western poetics culture, meters are usually grouped according to a characteristic metrical foot and the number of feet per line. Thus “iambic pentameter” is a meter containing five feet per line, in which the predominant king of the foot is the “iamb”. This metric method began in ancient Greek Poetry and was used … Read more

What is a romantic comedy

romantic comedy

Romantic comedies are comedies of love and romance. The comedies of Shakespeare Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher and Lily were romantic comedies. The object of these comedies is to provide pure entertainment. They are based on fact and fiction. There is an excess of love and excess of humour in these comedies. The incidents take place … Read more

What are the characteristics of ‘Restoration Comedy’ or ‘ Comedy of manners’

Restoration Comedy

Write a note on the characteristics of  ‘Restoration Comedy.                            Or Write a note on the characteristics of ‘Comedy of Manners’ with special reference to ‘ The Way of the World’. Introduction: ‘Restoration comedy‘  or ‘Comedy of Manners‘ is directly linked to Charles II’s return to England, after nine years of exile in France, and restoring … Read more

Write a note on the characteristics of John Keats Poetry | Write a note on John Keats as a poet.

John Keats Poetry

The famous Romantic poet John Keats was born on October 31, 1795, at Finsbury in London. When he was less than nine years, his father died of an accident.  After studying in the school of Clarke, he was apprenticed to Thomas Hammond, a surgeon and apothecary of Edmonton. His poetic career started in the year … Read more