Belif (Scrambled: fible) 

Meaning A belief is a conviction or acceptance that something is true or exists. 

ielpm (Scrambled: impel) 

Meaning To impel means to drive, force, or urge someone to do something. 

elodr (Scrambled: older) 

Meaning Older refers to something or someone of greater age or time. 

trane (Scrambled: anter) 

Meaning An anter is a forward-pointing projection, such as a horn or an antenna, on the head of an animal. 

rteun (Scrambled: tuner) 

Meaning A tuner is a device used to adjust or regulate the pitch, frequency, or reception of something, such as a musical instrument or a radio.

icunms (Scrambled: mucins) 

Meaning Mucins are proteins found in mucus that help lubricate and protect body surfaces. 

tedeair (Scrambled: derivate) 

Meaning To derivate means to obtain or deduce by a process of reasoning. 

rialifme (Scrambled: fireplace) 

Meaning A fireplace is a structure or an area where a fire can be lit for heating or decoration purposes. 

fieln (Scrambled: elfin) 

Meaning Elfin describes something or someone that is small, delicate, or fairy-like. 

kineld (Scrambled: kindle) 

Meaning To kindle means to ignite, start, or arouse something, especially a fire or emotions.