5 Letter Word with “at”: An Exploration of Common and Uncommon Words

Are you stuck on a crossword puzzle or looking for new words to spice up your vocabulary? Look no further than the five-letter word with “at.” This simple combination of letters has the potential to form a variety of interesting and useful words. This article will explore the meaning and usage of several five-letter words with “at,” from the common to the obscure.

Common Words


One of the most commonly used words with “at” is “trait.” This word describes a characteristic or quality of a person or thing. For example, honesty is a positive trait, while stubbornness is a negative trait.


Another common word with “at” is “gator,” which is short for alligator. This word is often used in casual conversation or slang, such as when discussing wildlife or fashion.


A third common word with “at” is “satyr,” a mythological creature with a man’s upper body and a goat’s lower body. This word is often used in literature and art to describe characters with similar characteristics.

Uncommon Words


Moving on to less common words with “at,” we have “pater,” a term for father or a person in a position of authority. This word is often used in religious or historical contexts.


Another uncommon word with “at” is “Spatz,” a type of German pancake. This word is not commonly used in English, but it can add flair to your vocabulary.


Finally, we have “tater,” a slang term for potato. This word is not widely used, but it can be fun to incorporate into your everyday language.

Rare Words


Moving on to even rare words with “at,” we have “quart,” a unit of measurement for liquids. This word is not commonly used in everyday conversation but can be useful in specific contexts.


Another rare word with “at” is “ratan,” a type of palm used to make furniture and other objects. This word is not commonly used in English, but it can add diversity to your vocabulary.


Finally, we have “stoat,” a type of weasel found in Europe and North America. This word is not widely used in everyday conversation, but it can be useful in specific contexts.

There are many 5 letter words that contain “at”. Here are a few examples:

  1. Water
  2. Plate
  3. Grant
  4. Flats
  5. Brats
  6. Plant
  7. Clasp
  8. Chats
  9. Blatant
  10. Combat.


In conclusion, the five-letter word “at” has the potential to form a wide variety of interesting and useful words. From the common to the rare, these words can add flavor to your vocabulary and help you tackle even the most challenging crossword puzzles. So the next time you search for a new word, look no further than this simple combination of letters.

What are some other five-letter words with u0022atu0022?

Some other five-letter words with u0022atu0022 include u0022brat,u0022 u0022chat,u0022 u0022flat,u0022 u0022grate,u0022 u0022scats,u0022 and u0022slate.u0022

Why are some words with u0022atu0022 more common than others?

The frequency of words with u0022atu0022 depends on various factors, including their meaning, usage, and popularity in different contexts.

How can I incorporate these words into my writing?

You can incorporate these words into your writing in everyday conversation or written works such as essays, articles, or fiction. You can also challenge yourself to use these words creatively, such as incorporating them into poetry or word games.

What are some tips for expanding my vocabulary?

Some tips for expanding your vocabulary include reading extensively, using a dictionary or thesaurus, playing word games, and conversing with people with a diverse range of language skills. It’s important to practice using new words in context to solidify your understanding and retention of them.

Are there any other letter combinations that form interesting words?

Yes, many other letter combinations form interesting words. For example, the letter combination u0022phu0022 can form words such as u0022phone,u0022 u0022phantom,u0022 and u0022photograph.u0022 The possibilities are endless, and exploring new words can be a fun and enriching experience.

How can I ensure that I’m using these words correctly?

It’s important to always check the definition and usage of a word before incorporating it into your writing or conversation. You can use a dictionary or online resources to ensure you use the word correctly and in the appropriate context.

Can using uncommon words make my writing seem pretentious?

Using uncommon words can make your writing seem pretentious if used incorrectly or inappropriately. However, incorporating diverse and unique vocabulary can also enhance your writing and demonstrate your mastery of language. It’s important to use appropriate words for your intended audience and context.