“The Darkling Thrush” summary

About the poem The Darkling Thrush The Darkling Thrush is a famous and important poem by Thomas Hardy.  Hardy wrote this poem in the year of December 1900 Here, in this poem, the poet/speaker reflected on: (I) the end of the nineteenth (19th) century (II) the state of Western civilization as well It (this poem) …

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Domestic Fiction

What is Domestic Fiction

Domestic Fiction is a genre. It rose to prominence in the mid-19th century. It is sometimes referred to/denoted by other names as well such as sentimental fiction or women’s fiction. This type of/such novel (mainly) deals with and focuses on young (people’s) domestic lives, typically middle-class women who are learning to make their way in …

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What is an epic poem

Epic Poem Definition The word “epic’ derived from Greek ‘epikos’ (meaning a narrative poem) brings to our mind’s eye the images of something big magnificent and larger than life. Forms of Poetry Epic Poem Epic Poem meaning Narrative poem Examples Paradise Lost Joseph T. Shipley explains it as follows “An epic is a narrative poem …

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