The Misuse of Science


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We live in the age of science. It has changed the face of the world. It has conquered the forces of nature. It has shortened time and space. Thus it has made the impossible things possible. So it has given us powers fit for the gods. 

Essay The Misuse of Science (2006)
BoardU.P Intermediate

Abuses of Science

But science is not without its abuses. It has given us the powers of a devil. It has given us deadly powers. Now we have destructive weapons like atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. Death rays, nitrogen bombs, and nuclear weapons can wipe out humanity from the world. G.D.H. Cole writes, “The very advance of science has become a menace to our civilization.” 

Evils of machines

Machines are very useful but they are nothing but a necessary evil. They enhance capitalism. They are the basis of industrialization. 

They are the main cause of unemployment. They have given rise to various economical, political and social problems all over the world. Prof. Joad writes, “Machines were made to be man’s servant but they have become his master.” 

Material outlook

Science has made us materialistic. Now we do not care for good or evil. We are attached to the world and crave power and money. Thus science has made us forget soul and moral values. This is why Gandhiji advised us not to give undue importance to science. 


On the whole, science is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. It does good to mankind if it is used properly. But it will harm us if it is misused. If it costs our soul and God, we ourselves are responsible for it. So Shakespeare was perfectly right when he said, “There is nothing good or bad in the world but thinking makes it so.” 

Hence a judicious use of science is the need of the hour.