The Double Dealer Summary

The Double Dealer

The Double Dealer is a well-known dramatic work by William Congreve that was originally published in 1694. It is this dramatist’s second play. It is undoubtedly a comedy but features many touches of tragedy as well. In fact, the play is a study of various human relations as well as the social atmospheres in the … Read more

 Bogland Poem Summary and Analysis


Seamus Heaney’s Bogland appeared in his (second) poetry collection Door into the Dark (1969) as its last poem. In fact, this poem is a description of the peat bogs (wetlands composed of dead plant matter) covering a large fraction of Ireland’s landscape. In other words: The speaker of Bogland presents the history as well as … Read more

 Thomas More’s Utopia Plot and Characters


Introduction Thomas More’s Utopia is a fictional work in two parts. It already has been introduced in the previous article on this fiction. Moreover, its critical appreciation also has been provided in that article. And, here will be a discussion on some other aspects of this outstanding literary piece. Utopia Plot Structure The writer of … Read more

Utopia Thomas More Summary and Analysis


Introduction  It was Thomas More who wrote Utopia, which is a well-known work of fiction as well as socio-political satire. In fact, More originally wrote Utopia in Latin as well as published in the year 1516. An English Scholar Ralph Robinson (1520 – 1577) made this book’s first publication in English translation in 1551. Moreover, … Read more

The university wits in English literature

The university wits

When a student of English Literature studies the evolution of (English) drama in general and Elizabethan Drama in particular, he cannot ignore The University Wits. In fact, it was a notable pioneer group of dramatists. They are known for: Writing during the last fifteen years of the sixteenth century Transforming the native interlude as well … Read more

Williams Shakespeare Macbeth Summary


William Shakespeare, the renowned Elizabethan dramatist, and all-time great playwright of the world wrote four great tragedies among his many outstanding (dramatic and poetic) works. They are (I) Hamlet (II) Othello (III) King Lear, as well as (IV) Macbeth. Drama Macbeth Writer William Shakespeare Theme (1) Ambition (2) Violence (3) Internal conflict Published November 8, … Read more

Adam’s curse Summary & Analysis

Adam's curse

It was the eminent poet William Butler Yeats who wrote the poem Adam’s Curse which was (first) published in his poetic volume In the Seven Woods (1904). The poet, through this poem, describes poetry, love as well as beauty in general as hard work. It is a late summer evening when the speaker of Adam’s … Read more

Canonization Theme & Summary


Canonization is an outstanding poetic work by the leading metaphysical poet John Donne. This witty, punny, and passionate poem was first published in John Donne‘s Songs and Sonnets (1633) –  a posthumous collection of the poet. It is noteworthy that generally famous Victorian poets Robert Browning and Alfred Lord Tennyson are known for writing dramatic … Read more

 Easter 1916 Summary and Theme

Easter 1916

It was the famous Irish poet and Nobel laureate William Butler Yeats who wrote the poem Easter, 1916 that in fact reflects on those events that surround the Easter Rising; an armed insurrection began on Easter, 1916 (Monday, 24th April) in Dublin. As far as this event is concerned; it is about a rebellion led … Read more