Philips Larkin Poetry of departures analysis

Introduction Poetry of departures

Philip Larkin poem of departure is an autobiographical poem. This poem is a description of an office worker. at present, the life of modern office worker is temperate and active. in opposition to this life, there are so many people in an Industrial society, even those who have some type of safety and a good package of salary. This poem is related to those persons who dream of getting away from it all and living more adventurously the message of the poem is the Desire to break the wearisome Routine of life.

Larkin’s poem poetry of departure is the beautiful defence of the conventional morality and ordinary routine living against the glamorized romanticizing to which all of us,  and perhaps particularly artist, for some time prone.  the poem manages to defend the humdrum without sowing pompous. The poem poetry of departure comes from Philip Larkins volume, one titled “ The Less Deceived” The poem poetry of departure was written in the year 1955. 

Poetry of departures Theme

when a person learns even though from any known or unknown person that somebody has snapped all relations and lift the word fortunate activities, he or she appreciates this adventure considering is a very bold Ud, essential and ennobling step. The poet says that the thinking of such people is right because nobody likes home and be tied to home.  the poet also hates his room which is equipped with good books and furniture as much as he hates his life of perfect order.

The bold step of the man who walked out on the whole crowd excites the poet with a wonder thirst for action and adventure-packed life.  his action provoked in like the provoking English cliches. then she undid her dress or take that you bastard, “He too would new home and go today Swagger the nut strewed roads. 

But soon he realises that all the poetry of departure and romantic script looks highly absurd,  artificial and futile.  like many of Larkin’s other poems,  it also puts forth are debate between two contrasting viewpoints. At first, the idea of leaving home and leading a life of adventure and travel seems to be most exciting and tempting. but 8 another undercurrent of Idea makes nonsense of All The Romance o exciting escapades. 

Thus after judging the various pros and cons of an exciting life of adventure on one hand,  and placid and routine life on the other,  the poet decides to remind settled down to his routine existence.  for him, the poetry of romance of all departure is just natural, artificial and retrogressive. it would be a step in the wrong direction.

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