‘The thought Fox’ theme Critical Analysis

The thought Fox

Poem The thought Fox Poet Ted Hughes collection of “The Hawk in the Rain’. ‘The Thought Fox‘ has often been acknowledged as one of the most complete and artistic poems of Ted Hughes. This poem of Ted Hughes is in the first collection of poems entitled “The Hawk in the Rain’. In other words, we can say … Read more

Philips Larkin Poetry of departures analysis

Poetry of departures

Poem Name Poetry of departures Poet Philip Larkin Poem Type Autobiographical Style Characteristic Colloquial Style Introduction Poetry of departures Philip Larkin poem of departure is an autobiographical poem. This poem is a description of an office worker. at present, the life of modern office workers is temperate and active. in opposition to this life, there … Read more

Daffodils by William Wordsworth

William wordsworth Daffodils Poem

‘Daffodils’ Introduction: The lyrical poem ‘Daffodils’ is a well-known work of the leading 19th-century Romantic poet William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850). People know this poem by one more name that is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. Poem Name Daffodils Poet William Wordsworth Poem Type lyrical poem Genre Romantic literature Form (rhyme scheme) iambic tetrameter … Read more

The lake isle of Innisfree analysis

The lake Isle of Innisfree  1890 e was composed by Yeats in 1890. It appeared in his third volume of poem entitled the rose. The situation which inspired him to compose this poem was something like this. After the success of his poetic value the wandering of Oisin 1889, Yeats Decided to stay in London,  … Read more

What is sonnet? Shakespeare sonnets form


Sonnet Definition The Sonnet is a kind of lyric poetry. it consists of only 14 lines with a particular rhyming arrangement. Its cheap quality is that it expresses a single thought or emotion and its charm lies in the charm of the poet’s personality. The  Sonnet originated in Italy in the 13th century and Dante … Read more

Crossing the Bar Summary and Analysis

 “Crossing the Bar” is a short but one of the eminent lyrical poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Tennyson composed this lyric piece in 80 first years of his life, in the month of October; just a few years before his death. This poem was first published  in a collection; entitled “Demeter and other poems” in … Read more

Break, Break, Break Summary and Theme Analysis


 Introduction The poem “Break, Break, Break” is an outstanding lyric of Alfred Lord Tennyson, the most representative poet of the Victorian Era.  This lyric was composed in 1835, two years after the death of Henry Arthur Hallam; the fellow poet and intimate friend of Alfred Tennyson. Though the poem was composed in 1835, but published … Read more

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Summary by Thomas Gray


The famous 18th-century poet Thomas Gray was born December 26, 1716, Cornhill, London. Gray’s childhood was full of troubles because his father, Philip Gray, who was a wealthy scrivener in London, often treated his mother harshly and violently. It was the year of 1725 when Thomas Gray was sent to Eton. At Eton, he was … Read more