The salient features of John Donne’s sonnet.

John Donne

1. Introduction  A lyric is a subjective manifestation of the poet’s impressions. It possesses the following qualities (1) unity of impression (2) brevity (3) personal emotion.  It passes through the poet’s heart and soul and reflects his mood. Intellect and passion are also found in it.  Edmund Gosse says: “If his songs were not so … Read more

Anthem for Doomed Youth Summary and Explanation

Anthem for Doomed Youth

About the Poem Anthem for the Doomed Youth  The famous English war poet Wilfred Owen wrote the poem/sonnet Anthem for Doomed Youth in 1917 when he was in the hospital and recovering from injuries as well as trauma resulting from his military service during Ist World War This sonnet is a lamentation on the death … Read more

What is sonnet? Shakespeare sonnets form


Sonnet Definition The Sonnet is a kind of lyric poetry. it consists of only 14 lines with a particular rhyming arrangement. Its cheap quality is that it expresses a single thought or emotion and its charm lies in the charm of the poet’s personality. The  Sonnet originated in Italy in the 13th century and Dante … Read more