Critical Appreciation ‘Tears Idle Tears’

Tennyson is one of the greatest poets of the Victorian Era. As a poetic artist, he ranks with Shakespeare and Keats. Tennyson often reminds us of Keats. He has the same gifts of pictorial presentation and an astonishing command of the musical resources of the language. His poems offer us many opportunities of discovering the … Read more

What is an Elegy | Definition | characteristic form & quality?


Introduction of Elegy The ‘elegy’ (Greek = lamentation) is a very old name. It was commonly used in ancient Greece and Rome for any poem written in a metre which was called ‘elegiac’ Possibly because it was originally used for a song of lamentation.  This electric metre was early adopted by composers for giving vent … Read more

Crossing the Bar Summary and Analysis

 “Crossing the Bar” is a short but one of the eminent lyrical poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Tennyson composed this lyric piece in 80 first years of his life, in the month of October; just a few years before his death. This poem was first published  in a collection; entitled “Demeter and other poems” in … Read more