Poetic Forms

Poetry is the brought concept. here we can see various types of poem and structure. according to written pattern and historical connection, we can be divided into poetic form near about 15 forms.

  1. Blank Verse
  2. Rhymed Poem
  3. Free Verse
  4. Epic
  5. Narrative
  6. Haiku
  7. Pastoral
  8. Sonnet
  9. Elegy
  10. Ode
  11. Limerick
  12. Lyric
  13. Ballad
  14. Soliloquy
  15. Villanelle

What is Meter in Poetry

  In poetry, the meter is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse. It is the pattern of beats in a line of poetry, which is a combination of the number of beats and the arrangement of stresses. A metrical foot usually consists of two or three beats, arranged in an […]

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What is an epic poem

Epic Poem Definition The word “epic’ derived from Greek ‘epikos’ (meaning a narrative poem) brings to our mind’s eye the images of something big magnificent and larger than life. Forms of Poetry Epic Poem Epic Poem meaning Narrative poem Examples Paradise Lost Joseph T. Shipley explains it as follows “An epic is a narrative poem

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