If he had been with me

“If he had been with me” summary by Laura Nowlin

Laura Nowlin’s “If He Had Been With Me” is a young adult novel exploring friendship and love. The novel follows the story of Autumn and Finny, two childhood best friends now high school seniors. The book is a coming-of-age story that explores the complexities of growing up and the emotions that come with it. In this article, we will provide a summary of the novel.

The Setting

The story is set in a small town in the Midwest. Autumn and Finny have grown up together in this town, and they know every nook and cranny. The town is described as quaint and charming, and the author does an excellent job of making the setting come alive.

The Characters

Autumn and Finny are the two main characters of the story. They have been best friends since they were young and have grown up together. Autumn is an introverted and studious girl who wants to leave her small town and attend college. Finny, on the other hand, is outgoing, charming, and carefree. He has no ambition and is content living in his small town.

The Plot

The plot of the novel revolves around the relationship between Autumn and Finny. They have always been best friends, but as they enter their senior year of high school, their relationship changes. Autumn begins to develop feelings for Finny, but she doesn’t know if he feels the same way. Meanwhile, Finny starts dating a popular girl at their school, which causes a strain on his friendship with Autumn.

As the story progresses, we see Autumn struggling to accept her feelings for Finny. She tries to push her feelings aside, but they keep coming back. Meanwhile, Finny’s relationship with his girlfriend starts to fall apart, and he realizes that he may have feelings for Autumn too.

The story comes to a head when Finny gets into a serious accident, which causes him to rethink his priorities. The accident brings Autumn and Finny closer together, and they finally confess their feelings for each other.


The novel explores several themes, including friendship, love, growing up, and the complexities of teenage emotions. The author does an excellent job of depicting the angst and confusion of being a teenager.


In conclusion, “If He Had Been With Me” is a beautifully written novel exploring friendship and love’s complexities. The story is set in a charming small town and follows the journey of two best friends who navigate through their senior year of high school. The novel is a poignant reminder of the emotions of growing up and the importance of cherishing the relationships that matter most.


Who is the author of u0022If He Had Been With Meu0022?

The author of the novel is Laura Nowlin.

What is the genre of the novel?

The novel is a young adult novel.

Where is the story set?

The story is set in a small town in the Midwest.

Who are the main characters in the novel?

The main characters of the novel are Autumn and Finny.

What themes are explored in the novel?

The novel explores friendship, love, growing up, and teenage emotions