Adam’s curse Summary & Analysis

Adam's curse

It was the eminent poet William Butler Yeats who wrote the poem Adam’s Curse which was (first) published in his poetic volume In the Seven Woods (1904). The poet, through this poem, describes poetry, love as well as beauty in general as hard work. It is a late summer evening when the speaker of Adam’s … Read more

 Easter 1916 Summary and Theme

Easter 1916

It was the famous Irish poet and Nobel laureate William Butler Yeats who wrote the poem Easter, 1916 that in fact reflects on those events that surround the Easter Rising; an armed insurrection began on Easter, 1916 (Monday, 24th April) in Dublin. As far as this event is concerned; it is about a rebellion led … Read more

The lake isle of Innisfree analysis

The lake Isle of Innisfree  1890 e was composed by Yeats in 1890. It appeared in his third volume of poem entitled the rose. The situation which inspired him to compose this poem was something like this. After the success of his poetic value the wandering of Oisin 1889, Yeats Decided to stay in London,  … Read more