The Double Dealer Characterization

The Double Dealer

In the previous two articles on William Congreve’s The Double Dealer, we discussed the themes and plot of this play. But, this one is concerned with Congreve’s art of characterization because characters play important roles in any drama. As we know (through the study of previous articles) The Double Dealer is a presentation of (a) … Read more

The Double Dealer Summary

The Double Dealer

The Double Dealer is a well-known dramatic work by William Congreve that was originally published in 1694. It is this dramatist’s second play. It is undoubtedly a comedy but features many touches of tragedy as well. In fact, the play is a study of various human relations as well as the social atmospheres in the … Read more

Characteristics of Stream of Consciousness Novel

Introduction:  Stream of Consciousness is a phrase. It was William James who coined it in his 1890 treatise entitled ‘Principles of Psychology. This term is used to denote an expression of a(ny) character’s flow of thoughts in the form of the word.  In other words, the Stream of Consciousness technique records: (I) the multifarious thoughts, … Read more