romantic comedy

What is a romantic comedy


Romantic comedies are comedies of love and romance. The comedies of Shakespeare Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher and Lily were romantic comedies. The object of these comedies is to provide pure entertainment. They are based on fact and fiction. There is an excess of love and excess of humour in these comedies. The incidents take place in imaginary countries which have no trace on the surface of the earth. 

There is an abundance of music. The middle class generally kept away in contract with them. These dramatists were influenced by sentimental writers. The French dramatists Moliere and Spanish dramatists Calderone influenced them. The Restoration of Comedy of Manners was realistic in nature. It gave the picture of the fashionable aristocratic life of the day. 

The restoration comedy described the life fashion ways manners,love, intrigues, and incidents,

According to Prof. A. Nicoll

“ it is also wholly aristocratic, manners displayed, being not those of men in general ( such as Ben Jonshon showed in his humour) but the affections and cultured vanities of fine society.”

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